Hiking girls
The Walking Girls do Mt. Rainier National Park.
Cello Bette
I play cello in a college orchestra. I'm only good enough for last chair. But what fun!
Alaska Cruz
My husband's extended family did a cruise to Alaska. Here are Kim and I, with Maggie.
Our four kids enjoy Disneyland together once last time!

Walking Girls

After 23 years of walking together, we don't look half bad!

Bike Spokane
A good friend and I rode our bicycles 300 miles from Redmond to Spokane WA! 13,000 feet of total elevation. A triumph!

My Boys

The three dentists in my family. Kim (my hubby) Eric, (on his graduation from USC) and Peder (attending Loma Linda Dental).

Our 25th

Though we've been married 35 years, we were once young!

Golden Gate

In 2011, I helped my oldest son move from NYC to San Francisco. A 3000 mile drive in 4.5 days. We made it! That's Golden Gate in the background.


This is my only grandchild. Eva is our delight! I designed and knit her sweater.

blog photo

One should never take oneself too seriously!

Bette and Kerrie

A group of friends organized and carried out an Oregon Coast bike ride; we raised money for a boy's dorm in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Gracious words are a honeycomb,
sweet to the soul ...healing to the bones. (Prov. 16)