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One Hour Topics For Non-Writers:

Please note: In most cases, folks prefer these sessions to run about 45 minutes. If you have other plans, please let me know.

Soul Gardening
Jesus tells his followers that his Father, the vinedresser, trims back every branch in us that does not grow fruit. Using this gardening analogy, I'll show you four critical ways that we cooperate with the vinedresser to make our soul rich in fruit for the king!

Serving One Another
Sometimes, we believers get so caught up with our kingdom calling, that we forget we are also called to serve one another. This one-hour reminder will give you fresh encouragment to take up your apron and serve your brothers and sisters in Christ!

What Happens When Women Care
Women have a unique place in the Body of Christ. We are made to care for others, and when women take up this calling, marvelous and powerful things begin to happen. God is let lose among the Body!

The Wonder of a Fresh Start
Originally designed for Christmas teas and New Year gatherings, this session encourages those who need to start over. By following these five steps, this fresh start may be the last one you’ll ever need.

Beginning Piloting for Christians
Piloting is the way that boat captains and airplane pilots find their way along a route. How do Christians find their way? Just as pilots have a map, compass, and plotting program to keep from getting lost, we have similar tools as well. Learn how to find your way!

For Mothers: Caring for ME with children:
So, you have children! Some in society think that children should be an adornment for your own Best Life. In the church world, we can sometimes lose ourselves serving our kids. What is the balance? How do you take care of yourself, so that you can be your best “mom-self” for the little ones in your life?

Women Outside the Box
Between Christianity, culture and professional life, everybody expects something different from you. In this session, you’ll look at some Biblical women who lived waaaaaay outside of the expectations of their culture, and you’ll realize that God uses nearly anyone!

When His Dirty Laundry isn't Mine
Originally developed as a presentation for a convention of military wives, this has been a much demanded program for all married women. Part of the frustration of marriage is picking up his dirty laundry. We do it in other areas too. In this one-hour session, learn how to tell what is his, what is yours, and how to begin taking care of your own business.

The Heart Of Christmas
It’s so easy to get caught up in the wrapping paper, gift buying, cookie making expectations of this crazy season. In this session, we'll take a new look at some standard Christmas characters. In the process, we'll see how you can make your heart brand new, and experience a brand new kind of calm this Christmas.

Every woman a MOM
For some reason none of us truly understand, not every woman can have her own children. But every woman, at any age, can be a MOM. Learn how your own unique design enables you to be a Model, an Original, a Mentor.





Gracious words are a honeycomb,
sweet to the soul ...healing to the bones. (Prov. 16)