bette nordberg

Common Questions and Answers:

How do I find a speaker?
I suggest that you start by talking to other churches and ministry leaders. Chances are, they know someone who has impressed them. Get references. Ask questions. Visit websites. Listen to tapes. Watch videos if you can. Be cautious about a speaker who has only one topic. Chances are, she will be promoting her book.

How do I assemble a team?
It isn't easy, but it is do-able. Look for ladies who have consistently attended past retreats, or events. Look for ladies who are creative, and full of ideas. Look for ladies of differing age groups (you'll reach a more varied audience that way). And then, above all, work to create a "team atmosphere." Openly value each contribution. Acknowledge their expertise. Listen. And most of all, once you assign a task, trust the team member to complete it.

Some women want luxury, others can't afford it. What now?
This is an age old question. Some things to try: Add luxurious touches to a less expensive location. Welcome baskets add that kind of touch. Provide optional "excursions" for those who want luxury. Perhaps a local massage option. A make-up artist. A spa nearby. I've known groups to do "do-it-yourself" spa days while at a retreat—everyone leaves with a new pedicure! It's a situation where a little creativity can add many solutions.

We have some cliques in our church. What should we do?
Invite members of each clique to become members of the event team. Whenever possible, mix up the groups as they work together on tasks. Don't let one clique decorate and another choose the activities. One counselor suggests that the best way to resolve differences is to get warring factions to work together toward a single goal. Try that, and see what happens.

How much should I pay for a speaker?
I suggest that you consider how much each attendee is contributing to the speaking buget for your event. For a group of 100 women, a 1000 dollar speaker costs only ten dollars per woman. If the speaker gives four presentations, the cost per presentation is highly reasonable at 2.50 per presentation!

For the total budget, figure out how many will be in your audience, and calculate the highest cost you'd like to set for the event. When you multiply the audience number X the cost for the event, you will have your total budget. That number will govern your choice of speaker, venue, etc. It will help you make many other decisions.

I understand that you can write/design a retreat presentation just for us. What does that entail?
I can, and do write for special events. I'm happy to do this. In order to custom design a program, I'll need to have a clear idea of your theme, timing, and requirements. I'll need about six months of lead time for this. However, you should know that for every hour of presentation, I spend about ten hours in preparation and writing. Then of course, I spend time working out the details of presentation, transportation etc. Designing a custom presentation roughly doubles the cost of my speaking fee.

What do you bring? What do you need for us to provide?
I bring my own computer, powerpoint projector, slides, etc. If I have special media I bring that as well. I can bring a projection screen if needed, but a large white wall works equally well, and allows me to enlarge the presentation as needed for the size of the audience. My computer can also project through your AV system if you so desire. You provide the microphone (if needed), sound system, a podium and a projection table. If I am allowed to bring books, I'll need a table for that. I bring my own table decorations, table cloth, etc.

I'd love to have a few minutes before the event begins to meet and pray with your event team.

I usually bring books to sell to the audience. I don't supervise my book table. Prices are clearly marked, with a bowl in the center of the table to receive funds as needed. I do take personal checks. I frequently sell many, many books at most of my presentations.

My personal needs are small. I prefer a room to myself, if possible. However, I am not a demanding "prima donna" speaker. You'll find I'm just "one of the girls."




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