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What Audiences Say. . .

Bette is a delight to listen to and a bundle of energy. One moment you are laughing and the next you are intently listening, as she brings home a point. The women at Chapel Hill loved her. . . Sandy Jasper, Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church, Gig Harbor, Washington

Bette is energetic, observant, and fun loving. Through her abundant use of scripture and personal testimony we were encouraged to trust our God in the every day life.
. . . Jean Britt, Pastor’s wife, Bible Chapel, Auburn, Washington

Bette captivates an audience. Her enthusiasm and wit are delightful. I, for one, want to catch her every word. A true joy!
. . .Char Flett, Tacoma Washington

Bette she draws you in and you are hanging on what comes next.
. . . Karen Motley, Puyallup WA

Bette Nordberg pursues life with fervency. Her well-developed skills as a writer, physical therapist, cellist, pianist, tennis player, watercolor artist  and bicyclist reveal her daily pursuit of excellence. Yet her God-given gift of teaching outshines even those accomplishments -- because her speaking reveals godly wisdom. Listen to her for half an hour and you will laugh, cry and leave determined to serve God on a deeper level.
. . . Jeannie St. John Taylor, Portland, Oregon

Bette possesses excellent audience report...A great writer doesn’t always guarantee a great speaker and Bette is both.
. . . Pamala Vincent, Eagle Creek, Oregon (Oregon Christian Writers)

My daughter and I enjoyed the enthusiastic lectures Bette gave while we attended the fall 2010 Upper Kittitas County Women's retreat.  We bought some of her books and also studied the Jeremiah Bible study written by Bette Nordberg.  Bette knows how to connect the word of God to others through her experiences and faith. . . Carol T (Cle Elum, Washington)   

Bette taught the women of our community about "soul-links".  We all need the support of our friends. Bette became such a "friend" to us all. We enjoyed her wonderful wit and heartfelt stories.  I'd recommend her for any women's retreat you may have coming up. I love all of her fiction books - such timely issues for our changing world. Thanks Bette for showing each of us how to love our friends. . .Dee McCuen  (Cle Elum, WA)

Bette Nordberg has the ability to take difficult subject matter and make it relevant to today's culture. Her ability to absorb material and make it fun and engaging is encouraging and enlightening. She mixes humor with everyday struggles and applies God's Word in a fresh way to make it applicable to your own life. . . Mary Beth Dust

I am completely undone by the annointed words of your book, A Season of Grace. It showed me how judgmental I was towards people, in every aspect of life. . . I wept as I repented for all the judgemental words and thoughts I had said and thought toward others. . .Living in his awesome grace, Kim.

In 2008, I asked Bette to be the main speaker at our women's 2-day retreat. She came very organized and prepared to help us dig deep into the Bible. Bette brings a high degree of energy to her speaking. Several women remarked how she also took extra time to speak to, and counsel them individually. I highly recommend her as a speaker.
. . . Kathie Sprout, Emmanuel Bible Fellowship Church, WA








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