bette nordberg

Who On Earth is Bette Nordberg?

Bette didn’t grow up in a Christian home. So, in 1974, when a friend shared the Good News, Bette was ready to respond. Soon an overwhelming passion for God’s Word gripped her and she covered the pages of her first Bible with highlights and notes. Having no plans to share her passion publicly, she went on to graduate from the U of W with a degree in Physical Therapy and work in rehab medicine. In 1990, after a bout with serious illness, she turned to writing.

Since then, she has published six novels and five
non-fiction titles. You can visit her writing website here. Now a favorite at writer’s conferences, luncheons and retreats, Bette brings a fresh perspective to the ordinary struggles most believers face. A communicator by profession, Bette shapes her messages so that every listener might catch a glimpse of the possibilities hidden in their challenges.

Infinitely practical, Bette offers down-to-earth ways believers can let God use our difficulties to make us both stronger and more effective in Christ. Audiences can count on Bette for a healthy dose of laughter, much encouragement and complete honesty as she shares the hard lessons she has learned from her faith journey. Married more than thirty-five years, Bette and her husband Kim make their home in Puyallup, Washington where they have recently begun their “Empty Nest” adventure.

Why Bette Speaks...

While the Word of God is her delight and passion, the people of God give Bette great joy. She loves to encourage those struggling to find their place in God’s kingdom, to bring perspective to the confused and hope to the disappointed. She loves to help others find joy in their heavenly Father and eternal meaning in their daily tasks. A woman as familiar with disappointment and pain as she is the "big picture," Bette knows how important it is to find courage as we face life.

“There is no excitement like the moment an audience discovers a new truth or a new perspective. After the laughter dies and the teaching fades, then the ‘ah-ha’ is nearly palpable. It is at that moment that I sense that I have been part of some divine interaction and I feel extremely blessed to be alive.”

--Bette Nordberg




Gracious words are a honeycomb,
sweet to the soul ...healing to the bones. (Prov. 16)